SWF Text is a small software that enables you to easily create and design animations in Flash for your websites.

The interface of the program consists of two windows - in one you can configure the animation and in the other one you can preview it while you make changes.

You can customize the Flash animation when it comes to the movie, background, background effect, text, text effect, font, interaction and sound.

So, you can set the movie width, height and speed, enable to display borders around the movie and to open the context menu over it.

But you can also select a color (solid or gradient) or image (transparent or from file) for the background and enable the use of background effects (e.g. arrow, cloud, flower, camera, forest, leaf).

In addition, you can edit or add text and apply text effects (e.g. 3D circle, beam, blur in, film strip, fire), change the text font (style, color, layout), play background music or sound after you specify the file, as well as enable to stop the movie animation after specified loop times, to open the webpage in the browser if the user clicks on the Flash movie, and more

Last but not least, you can save settings and the Flash movie (optionally generate an HTML code for it), or export it to the GIF or AVI format.

The program takes up a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, includes a well-written help file with images and has a lot of options when it comes to background and text effects. We strongly recommend SWF Text, especially to first-time users.