Swift 3D is an application designed to provide you with a set of tools needed to create even the most complex animations, with the limitations being only your imagination. From creating simple geometrical figures, to adding light, and combining them with movement, you are promised a result worth sharing at least with your friends.

The application starts off in the “Scene Editor”, which can be changed at any time, but is mostly the main space you will be working in. Here you can handle a multitude of objects, or combine figures to create your own. Lighting and camera options are also available, as well as textures and detailed animation editor.

Drag and drop can be used in nearly any situation, which makes things comforting when having to work with, or trying to create complicated objects and animations. Multiple simultaneous points of view offer you the possibility to closely keep an eye on what you want to do, so that no detail that might ruin your creation escapes your attention.

Because you have to work with an application that might put some pressure on your computer's performance, the interface is classic and simple, so it keeps your secs usage to as little as it can. In terms of accessibility, buttons are arranged just to leave enough space for editing. They take up a lot of space, but it saves a little time, keeping most of the needed functions visible, and just at a mouse click away.

Swift 3D brings out the digital artist in you. It can be easy to learn, because you only need to drag and arrange a few lines here and there, time them perfectly, to get at least a pretty animation. It lives up to the expectations, and if your imagination allows it, there is nothing that can stop you from creating a virtual piece of art.