SWIFT WX Professional combines thousands of weather tracking elements to give you information about weather forecast

SWIFT WX Professional runs on any desktop or laptop computer and provides you with up-to-the-minute Radar, Satellite, Storm Warnings, and Hail Reports.

It will even alert you up to an hour in advance of approaching rain or thunderstorms, and predict to the nearest minute when those storms will arrive.

Here are some key features of "SWIFT WX Professional":

■ Choose from 1,119 weather maps

■ Predict storm arrivals to the nearest minute

■ Set up Perimeter Alerts and be automatically alerted to approaching severe weather

- Surface Conditions

- Wind Vectors

- Convective Outlooks

- Mesoscale Discussions

- Thunderstorm and Tornado Watches

- Thunderstorm, Flash Flood, and Tornado Warnings

- Local Storm Reports

- Storm Paths

- Hail and sizes

- Mesocyclones (precursors to tornadoes)

- Tornado Vortex Signatures

■ Integrated Position Reporting and Fleet Tracking

- Bently MicroStation DGN (*.DGN)

- AutoDesk Interchange File (*.DXF)

- ESRI ArcInfo Export (*.E00)

- ESRI Band Interleaved By Line (*.BIL)

- ESRI Shapefile (*.SHP)

- JPEG Image (*.JPG)

- MapInfo Interchange Format (*.MIF)

- MapInfo TAB (*.TAB)

- TIFF/GeoTIFF Image (*.TIF/*.TIFF)

- Tiger/LINE File (*.RT2)

■ Detailed application settings


■ CPU 1.2 Ghz or better

■ Memory 512 MB RAM or better

■ Hard Drive Space 50 MB or more

■ Internet Connection 56.7Kbps or better


■ 14 days trial