Sync is a cloud backup and file sharing solution that focuses on privacy protection, promising that the stored files and data can only be accessed by the owner. In other words, no one else but the Sync service user has access to the encryption keys.

As far as usage is concerned, Sync resembles many of its competitors, providing a special folder that will be synchronized with the cloud once the user logs in to the Sync account. It runs in the system tray and runs the synchronization in the background, without bothering the user with unnecessary messages and without requiring intervention.

The tray menu displays information about the remaining storage space and recently downloaded content, also providing one-click access to the Sync folder, the Web Panel and the Preferences.

The web-based Sync dashboard includes information about the stored files, allowing users to share them with just a few clicks. One can generate secure, password-protected links for each file and send them to others. By default, these links expire to avoid unintended sharing.

Additionally, it is possible to create a shared folder, which comes particularly in handy when working on collaborative projects. Shared folders are automatically synced on the computers of each of the accepted member.

Sync prides itself on being a privacy-oriented data sharing app, a safer alternative to more popular software solutions available on the market. It provides end-to-end encryption of the data, locking the files and throwing the unique key in the hands of the account owner.

Other than secure storage and backup, it can be used for sharing files with other and synchronize content across multiple devices in an easy manner, just by sharing the automatically generated links.