The SyncBack Management System or, in short, SBMS, is a set of tools designed for network administrators who want to easily manage distributed installations of the SyncBackPro backup and sync application. Running as a Windows service, the SyncBack Management System can monitor backup profiles and active connections, and report about warnings and errors.

Use the SBM service to monitor SyncBackPro and SyncBack Touch connections

The SyncBack Management System has two separate components, namely the SBM service and the SBM console (SBMC). Both must be installed for the application to work properly. The SBMS runs as a Windows service, while the console allows you to connect to the service and extract information about errors, warnings, and failed profile runs.

To view the status of the service, you must access the following address: http://localhost:8100/STATUS. This page reveals the current number of sessions, the locked and unlocked sessions, the client and the server connections.

The other component is a console that connects to the service via a simple user interface. You will have to configure the connection details, and the console will extract information regarding the critical errors or the failed profile runs in SyncBackPro, as reported by the SyncBack Management System Service.

To put it another way, the console enables a network administrator to see if all the backups or synchronizations jobs of all the deployed SyncBackPro instances completed successfully. Any error or warning is shown in the console so the administrator gets notified about any issue that might occur.

The SyncBack Management System is easy to install and require minimum configuration, as the SyncBackPro can automatically communicate with the service. While home users have no use for this extra toolbox when using SyncBackPro, network administrators are bound to find it useful.