Writing has greatly evolved along with computers and specialized office suites. Moreover, there's the possibility to simply manage documents while using a web browser thanks to Google Docs. What Syncdocs tries to achieve is the possibility to synchronize your Google Docs and Google Drive items from the comfort of your desktop.

Throughout the installation process you are required to provide your Google credentials so that the application can set up connections. Most of the times, the application sits quietly in the system tray, and unless you want or need to make any changes you won't even notice its presents, especially that it uses little system resources.

By default, the application automatically creates a virtual drive on your computer where all your Google Drive files are located. Additionally, you can create a new folder at a preferred location to use for quick synchronization.

In addition to simply keeping your documents and files up to date on your virtual storage space, the application also gives you the possibility to manage other text formats, such as DOC, ODT and others, for increased compatibility. Accessing the system tray icon lets you easily run any of the Google Docs files, with your default browser automatically being launched with a blank page of the specific document, saving your work in real-time.

What's more, a clever context menu entry is created so that you can quickly send any desired file or folder to your Google Drive. However, it would have been useful to also be able to launch Google Docs from the context menu and not just from the system tray icon.

Available space can be analyzed, with the possibility to have trash elements cleared. There are also various settings that let you make synchronization blend with your activity. Encryption is one of the security measures you can take, with options to secure all content of a synchronized folder or individual files as you upload them. Multiple accounts can be used in order to make sharing easier.

To sum it up, Syncdocs is a powerful addition to your computer if services provided by Google help you in your day-to-day activities or work environment. It's incredibly easy to set up, and once this is done, little attention is further required. Sharing and security can be managed so you can easily, but safely access files wherever there's an active Internet connection.