For those who often have to work with multiple files and folders, it can be difficult to manage them and sometimes tools can be necessary to make it easier. SyncFolders is an application that allows users to synchronize separate folders or directories, by copying all relevant files and directories until both folders match.

The design of SyncFolders shows its age, with a very basic looking window that relies on an overly large area for the synchronizing folders to be loaded. While the window itself can be expanded, the area with the actual buttons and options cannot be expanded which is an issue given that the details are poorly presented.

The icons used to load files and the various features of SyncFolders are extremely small, and unclear, if it wasn't for the tooltips they would be completely incomprehensible. Much larger icons should be used for the primary functions, otherwise users might actual struggle to load files into the program and be lost in the confusing design.

Despite the awkward interface, SyncFolders actually contains some useful features that users might find helpful. The application employs a dual browser directory system to select both the target and the source folder, with the option to exclude or include specific file extensions that users might want added to the synchronization process.

The best feature employed by SyncFolders is the automation feature, users can set up folders to be synchronized the same as any other, but set a delay or a repeat function, set to a timer in hours. This allows users to automate regular file synchronizations between problem files and take some of the tedium out of file management.

SyncFolders definitely works and works well, although it is starting to show its age and the user interface definitely needs to be overhauled with much larger, clearer icons. The option to automate the synchronization process manages to keep SyncFolders relevant compared to more modern applications, making SyncFolders a decent choice to handle users requirements.