Users who rely heavily on their files and constantly use backup and restore techniques could seek an advanced backup utility that would allow extra customization. SynchronEX will provide a comprehensive solution for creating complex backup tasks with the help of its friendly wizards that include task automation through scheduling and much more.

SynchronEX comes packed with a basic interface that might make it seem rather old and obsolete, but the features hidden within its menus are far from that and experienced users might appreciate them. Featuring at its core the backup customization, it will offer numerous tools for editing the parameters of custom backups.

Almost all of its main features can be easily accessed using the main interface’s buttons, but those who prefer to tweak the application even more, might need to enter its menus. One striking issue that becomes apparent quite quickly is that once its separate modules are opened, after closing them, the main interface freezes and remains as such unless a force closure is applied.

Users will be able to access several special wizards that will assist them in defining the parameters for the backups: source / target locations, folder / file exclusion, synchronization options, custom log files, outputting to Verbose console, etc. The corresponding script for each task can be edited straight from the interface and users are able to first simulate and then run the actual backup.

One will be able to automate the backup process through the application’s scheduler module, which allows people to define their own date / time and intervals for each backup. Experienced users will appreciate the fact that the application also offers several extra features for easy file handling: duplicate file finder, flat file browser or empty directory finder.

SynchronEX can be considered a wise choice for those who require an efficient and reliable solution for creating parametrized backup tasks. It will allow them to adjust all the backup parameters both through its easy-to-follow wizards or manual scripting console. Furthermore, people will be able to automate their backups through custom scheduling options. Nevertheless, novice users are encouraged to consult the in-depth documentation prior to using the utility.