SysAdmin is a lightweight software application designed specifically for helping Windows 8 users execute various administration tasks on Active Directory-based networks. It is able to process domains, servers, computers, users, and groups.

The program can be deployed on Windows 8 devices and Windows Phone. Before using this tool, you need to install the SysAdmin Windows service on one of the computers in the domain.

SysAdmin gives you the possibility to add one or more domains by providing information about the server’s name or address, port, description, and authentication parameters (username and password). Plus, you may test the domain in order to make sure the setup parameters are correct.

The utility helps you get an overview of the computers, users, groups, and printers in the network. In addition, you are allowed to run an inventory on the available PCs, execute monitoring operations (CPU, drive, memory, HTTP, ping, process, service, events), create reports, and make use of the ‘Search’ function (provided by your operating system) in order to locate a computer, user or group in the network.

When it comes to Active Directory features, you can add, modify, and delete entries from Active Directory (from groups and computers), change users’ access password, and make use of remote capabilities, such as restart or shut down your machines.

SysAdmin comes packed with a few extra utilities which help you execute WHOIS tasks in order to check a domain name’s availability, verify if a website is up and running, and work with a ‘Subnet calculator’ for finding out the maximum number of hosts in a network class generated for a custom IP address range.

What’s more, you can scan ports and generate strong passwords that may contain letters, numbers, and special symbols. The passwords may have a user-defined length and can be copied to the clipboard.

All things considered, SysAdmin helps you make use of several handy tools for administering multi-domain Active Directory-based networks. The intuitive layout makes it suitable for rookies and professionals alike.