Users who wish to preserve their Gmail mailbox and store it locally have a few options to consider, and Sysinfo Gmail Backup Tool numbers among them. It's a tool that enables one to backup the emails of their Gmail addresses in a way that users of all types can take advantage of.

The software does this through an interface that is functional, but is easy to navigate through, where the end user will be guided on what steps to take to get their emails successfully backed up.

When it comes to the backup process, users have the option to backup their items into different formats, of which .PDF, .DOC, .MBOX are some of the available extensions, among others.

Another feature that some users might appreciate is the ability to migrate to another service. If you're not a fan of Gmail anymore, then transferring all of your emails over to Hotmail, Yahoo, and other services becomes possible through such a solution.

It's worth noting that your folders will remain the same, and you'll also be able to download any existing attachments and carry them over as well in the case of a migration to another service.