System Information Comparison application is an easy to use tool loaded with powerful features that aids an administrator in making Windows clients, servers and or set of systems (including Microsoft cluster) as stable as possible.

Have you wondered why your windows system suddenly stopped working? What has changed? Why your application work in development and wont run on production system? Why one of the two identically configured system is not working? Get detailed information about your PC's hardware and software, Microsoft windows folder files and registry comparison.

Customize the details you want to capture. View on your or several remote systems installed software, patches, hardware, services, drivers, network, firewall, loaded modules, processes, pnp drivers and much more.

Save all of it in an XML file. Compares and shows the non working system configuration with saved master configuration side by side. Compares multiple remote systems canonically for easy identification of differences for easy and quick problem diagnosis.

Here are some key features of "System Information and Comparison":

■ Remotely connect to machines in your network

■ Capture and Audit system configuration locally or remotely without having to install any agents

■ Browse domain or by groups

■ Set preferences so that you collect only the configuration that you need

■ Save the system configuration as master configuration for later use

■ Compare system configuration canonically between multiple systems side by side

■ Compare system configuration against saved master configuration side by side

■ Compare saved system configurations of multiples side by side

■ Save the comparison information for later use

■ System information comparison uses WMI extensively, so you don't have to worry about deploying agents or paying expensive per-node licensing


■ .NET Framework


■ 30 start and exit clicks