The Internet is filled with all sort of applications and programs that you could use in order to manage processes on your computer better. One of such applications is SystemTools Exporter Pro.

It simplifies the work or Windows system administrators and lets them export system objects, users, groups, shares and more. It sports a really intuitive graphical interface with many tools at hand.

The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a really intuitive graphical interface with many tools at hand.

It allows you to export a wide range of system objects, including users and group information, shares, computers, printers, disk space, services, registry, network information and more.

The layout is quite nice, the object list window displays the list of objects (such as domains, workstations or servers, printers, etc) that are the source of any information to be exported. It also displays information on how to export objects, the list of enabled exports and messages.

Exporter Pro uses a single file to store all export-related settings, including what exports are enabled, the paths to various support files, and export-related settings (delimiters, logging options, etc.).  In order to create such a file, you will need to provide the configuration name and specify the domain or workstations to be used.

In order to initiate an export, one or more objects must be added to the export list, which is visible in the left tree window.  If an existing object file was used when creating the export, this list will already be visible.

Exporter Pro utilizes a very flexible and powerful template-based registry exporting mechanism. Any number of registry templates can be defined and used in any number of export. All in all, SystemTools Exporter Pro is a very useful application for Windows system administrators.