The computer needs some attention from time to time, and not the kind of attention that uses its system resources for entertainment or work. Cleaning it up is a good idea if you don’t want to install Windows on a regular basis. For instance, Systerac Tools Standard comes with a wide variety of features to tweak both visuals, and performance.

A main menu shows up on launch, showing all areas you can manage, each with a small description so you know what you’re getting yourself into. The list is pretty impressive, with options like disk cleaner, memory optimizer, registry cleaner, disk defragmenting, startup cleaner, tweaker, hardware information, and a few more.

Each area takes you through a wizard like process, providing different choices along the way. Be prepared to wait some time, because it can take a little while for scanners to do their job, especially if you’re working with a large disk drive, or the PC is not in the best shape.

When working with registries, be sure to make a backup, just to stay on the safe side, in case things don’t go as planned. However, the application does display items it detects, and doesn’t take any action by itself, letting you decide what needs to be removed, and what must stay on your PC.

Apart from performance tweaks, the application also comes with various options that target aesthetics and security. With it, you’re able to configure a wide variety of minor tweaks, such as the Aero feature of windows, whether to disable areas like the Control Panel, disable animations for more performance, or behavior of Windows when problems are encountered.

To sum it up, Systerac Tools Standard manages to live up to expectations, providing most of the tools you need to keep your computer in good shape. It can take a bit of time to scan areas, defragment your computer, or retrieve system info, but it’s only natural, since detection ratio is impressive, with options to decide what goes and what not.