Compressing data in order to achieve better storage capacity, or simply a better structure for your media collection is just one of the numerous techniques one can use. Thanks to its applicability to numerous fields, it means that you’ll be able to benefit from its corresponding advantages in fields such as email messaging. SysTools MBOX Compress will tackle such requirements, by offering you a specialized tool for importing and compressing MBOX email data, selectively, and in accordance with your specific criteria and filters.

The application comes equipped with support for batch processing, and this is good news, as users who have large amounts of data to be processed, will be able to do so in a single swipe, without having to resort to iterative processing.

Furthermore, the straightforward check boxes offer a simple and clear selection process for the contents of the MBOX file, allowing you to accurately determine which elements are to be compressed, and which are not.

Complementing the aforementioned selector, the included filtering module offers a very good way of enhancing the compression process’ efficiency, by enabling you to parametrize it through custom filtering.

To that end, you will be able to both perform inclusions or exclusions of the selected elements, and select as filters either file size, type, or a particular time frame, which can be defined precisely using the date selector.

Thanks to its basic handling and relatively competent package, SysTools MBOX Compress can be a good choice when it comes to a tool for compressing your MBOX email files, as it carries sufficient functionality for versatile and efficient processing.