SysTools Migrator provides a user-friendly cloud migration tool ready to assist you in switching from one email platform to another. It comes with support for multiple email platforms, focusing on transferring your data to the new mailbox securely.

Following a swift setup process, you are greeted by a simple window that displays a few usage instructions, offering a brief introduction to the application. You can then go through a tour that will help you quickly pick up on how everything works. However, you can skip the tour if you want, as SysTools Migrator is fairly easy to use.

There are a few source platforms you can choose from, namely GSuite, Office365, Exchange, Google Vault or O365Archive. On the other hand, SysTools Migrator only offers two destination platforms: GSuite and Office365, which are two of the most widely used.

With SysTools Migrator, you can transfer your complete mailbox, starting with all the email messages and continuing with documents, contacts and calendar entries. The application comes with filtering capabilities for each, allowing you to leave out the data you don’t need.

Documents are migrated along with their updated permissions. Furthermore, to ensure data integrity and make the new environment look much like the one you were used to, SysTools Migrator features group mapping, using a CSV file to migrate groups from source to destination.

There are a few requirements for the migration to take place successfully. For instance, Office365 and GSuite users must first create a project in the Microsoft Azure Portal and the Google Cloud Console, respectively. A link to the instructions is displayed within the application.

SysTools Migrator is a wizard-based email transfer tool, allowing bulk migrations from multiple sources to multiple destinations, all done fairly quick, which is probably its most important advantage. Working with it is a breeze and the data migration is initiated in no time.