When it comes to working with files, the Internet offers lots of applications and programs that you could use to do just that. One of them is SysTools PDF Toolbox.

It's a neat software solution that allows you to convert various PDF files, compress or extract images. You can make all sort of changes to your files.

The application sports a really small and simple graphical interface with lots of tools that you can check out. It doesn't come with any customization options, but you wouldn't really need them since the program sports a really fluent layout that doesn't require any adjustments.

You can check out the user manual, it's filled with all sort of instructions on how to make changes to PDF documents.

You simply need to load files inside the application, in order to get started. It also allows you to import entire folders which files and work on them simultaneously. It supports batch processing mode which is quite useful.

It displays the PDF file name but not its size. You can pick the destination folder for resulted files, before you start the compression. You can convert PDF documents to PDF/A, but this section doesn't have any additional options.

It also allows you to extract text from multiple PDF documents, you can maintain the page number, adjust page range, specify pages and change the header or footer of your PDF file.

Moreover, it comes with a feature that lets you extract images from your PDF files, simply load the file and let the application do the rest. Extracted images can be saved in various formats, including tiff, jpeg, gif, bmp, png, tga, pcx, ico or raw.

All in all, SysTools PDF Toolbox is a very useful application for working on your PDF files, you can extract images and text easily.