Syvir Processor is a hardware diagnostics and monitoring application that makes it possible for you to assess the CPU's health and keep an eye on its workload in real time.

The setup process runs smoothly and, soon enough, you will be able to explore the application's interface. Thanks to the well-organized toolbar, all the controls are one-click away.

Despite the ease of use and the accessibility provided by the main window, some of the secondary windows of Syvir Processor seem a bit raw and unfinished. Overall, the application requires a lot more work as far as looks are concerned.

The main window hosts a real-time monitoring section for the CPU, which reveals the workload that your PC is under. Nevertheless, this function is not extremely useful, as the same piece of information can be obtained just as easily by opening the Windows task manager, without installing a third-party application.

The good about Syvir Processor is its diagnostics function. The application monitors the CPU's sensors, allowing you to check their status and get information regarding possible warnings or hardware-related errors. Unfortunately, this function failed to work properly during our tests.

Syvir Processor aims to provide a CPU monitoring and diagnostics tool, but its reliability is doubtful at the moment. Some of its functions are not working properly and, what's more, its secondary windows and even some main panels seem a bit rudimentary. On the bright side, a 3D virtual CPU is generated by the application, enabling you to freely move the sketch around the rendering screen and zoom in and out to study its components closely.

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