When trying to improve the performance of any process, you need to have an overview of its intricacies, and the same applies to your browser’s behavior since increasing its speed is only possible as long as you identify the memory hogs slowing it down.

Memory Tab Usage for Firefox is a browser extension that can help you in this regard, being able to prompt you with valuable details about how each tab behaves.

As its name suggests, we are dealing with a Firefox extension whose installation should not take more than a couple of seconds. It is worth mentioning that the browser’s add-on “Settings” section enables you to try out a series of customization narrowing down the area it has an influence in.

First and foremost, you get to choose precisely where you want to see the memory usage details. Depending on what suits your needs, they can be displayed as a label or badge in the toolbar or right next to the tab title. Besides, you can select the memory report delimiter in order to be able to effortlessly view it.

What’s more, indicating whether you want the text to precede or succeed the tab title is also possible, as is the case of selecting a color code for various memory usage percentages. On the other hand, you can set a threshold that values must reach in order to be recorded.

In fact, the add-on comes with one more feature dedicated to opting out of irrelevant info: it enables you to add websites to an exception list in case you don’t want to be offered details about them. The other way around, namely monitoring strictly a user-defined list of URLs, can be done as well.

All in all, Memory Tab Usage for Firefox is a handy extension designed to analyze which websites take a toll on your browser’s performance. The add-on can offer details about the memory usage of each of your open tabs, with the possibility of monitoring only the pages you are interested in, all while spending little time and effort in the process.