Table Rock Sound is intended for music aficionados, providing them with a reliable assistant that can help beginners learn how to play the guitar and give a helping hand to players who want to practice and improve their skills.

The interface displays a mirrored image of a guitar, enabling you to switch its position in order to match the requirements of left handed players. All the options are within reach and the effect toolbar is one-click away.

The playback controls are displayed within the main GUI, enabling you to easily pause, play or fast forward the song. Right next to it, you can find the tempo and the volume slides.

One of the most important advantages of Table Rock Sound is the possibility to adjust the tempo of the song using the dedicated slider within the main window. This enables you to lower the playback speed, which can help you learn musical notes much easier. Once you get accustomed with the application and practice long enough, you can pass to a higher tempo.

The application features MIDI support, enabling you to use it with a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer. It comes with demonstrations for chord playing, enabling you to hear what each note sounds like and view the chords to press on the on-screen image of the guitar.

Thanks to the integrated tuner, you can adjust the notes to your liking using various tuning methods (including the standard EADGBE mode) for acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

Table Rock Sound tries to keep things as simple as possible, while providing you with all the tools you need in order to quickly learn a complex song. Thanks to its intuitive interface and the tepo adjustment possibilities, it enables beginners to use it without facing difficulties.