Using Microsoft Office Excel and maintaining spreadsheets and multiple datasets simultaneously can quickly turn into a chaotic undertaking if users do not exhibit good organizing skills. Nevertheless, there is a solution for such issues, the Tabs for Excel add-in. It was designed in order to provide people an accessible way of handling Excel data and spreadsheets, by using a tabbed management system.

The add-in carries a tabbed interface that will be easily noticeable once users open their installation of Microsoft Office Excel. Provided that they have opened one or several spreadsheets, the add-in will display the loaded data into several, structured tabs.

Users will be able to manipulate the tabs as they prefer, by moving, drag-and-dropping or closing them with ease. In order to increase the work efficiency even more, the add-in also offers the choice of assigning different colors to the required tabs, by simply right-clicking on them.

Tabs for Excel provides people with an accessible way of increasing their work efficiency when dealing with spreadsheets. By organizing the tabs in accordance with their requirements, they will be able to eliminate any hang-ups in their workflow and maintain a constant operation.

Using the provided settings module, one will be able to define tabs behavior, for closing or toggling between them. Those who rely on keyboard shortcuts will be happy to hear that the application also provides customizable hotkeys, for selecting, displaying or hiding the required tabs.

Considering its straightforward deployment and easy-to-use features it provides, this add-in could be exactly what Excel users are looking in order to improve their data handling efficiency. Allowing them to use a tabbed system management, it will display the loaded data into multiple tabs, this way ensuring that order is maintained and access to the different tables or spreadsheets is unhindered.