With digital audio being the norm, it is only natural to have the music files organized and holding the proper information. Achieving this requires editing the metadata of the file, the ID tags in the case of MP3 format.

TagExplorer is a comprehensive utility that can help add the necessary details to music data. Its explorer-like interface is easy to work with even for inexperienced users, with the main menus present in the upper part, a file browser in the left and the actual files and the metadata fields taking most of the application screen.

All the common tags that include the track number, name of the song, artist name, album, release year, or genre are supported; but the program offers more than this as it is capable to record the entire set of details that can be associated to a song, such as name of the composer, lyricist, publisher or copyright.

More than this, it offers the possibility to append the song lyrics and it provides the technical sheet for the selected entry.

The program is flexible enough to give you the chance to decide upon the information that stays with the tag.

The data associated with the audio files is easily manipulated as there are choices for copying the tags so that they can be pasted to a different item, files can be renamed and even entire folders relocated.

TagExplorer is a professional tag editor that can help add the necessary details with minimum effort. It can append the same text to multiple entries as well as synchronize metadata between various ID3 tag versions. It integrates a simple audio player and it can create playlists from the listed audio files.

It does not take long to get accustomed to the interface and options it provides and impact on the system is minimum.