taghycardia has been created as a very simple alternative for repairing the tags in downloaded audio tracks.

There is an initial configuration wizard that prepares the application for different tag purposes, such as ensuring accessibility of MP3 files on iPod or iPhone devices, general auto-tagging or downloading cover art.

Before accessing the main application window, which is a simple, straightforward one, you have to make the necessary settings for processing the MP3 files.

These include defining the name of the artist, organizing the tracks in personal compilations or enabling the auto-fill of empty track names with the name of the file.

There is also the possibility to add track numbers to the file names in order and to apply the same music genre to the entire folder.

Working with the application is a simple task as it just involves dragging and dropping the music files in the main screen and initiating their processing.

The program proceeds to re-writing the ID3 tags and setting auxiliary info. It also checks if the cover art is available for all the tracks. In case this is not present then it can be added from an online music database.

taghycardia features the possibility of mass tag editing, which allows you to add the name of the artist and of the album as well as the release year manually. Alternatively, it can appeal to an online resource to offer variants and use them instead.

The developer touts the application as an “MP3 auto tagging utility for the lazy” and he is not wrong. There is very little input from the user as most of the processing is done automatically, based on the information detected in the files or by contacting an online music database.