TagsForAll is a handy utility designed to enable you to manage the access to images, documents, photos, books, multimedia content, etc.

This application offers you the possibility to add tags to your files and allows you to search for keywords to find the tagged items.

At first launch, the split workspace is empty. From there you can start adding tags from the left side field. Tags are going to be listed with different colors, which makes identifying them more comfortable. Also, the tags can be selected/deselected; the selected ones are moving above the input field.

The larger pane is used to upload your items (photos, images, etc.). This window lets you select files and compare them to the tags and also add descriptions that will remain stored inside the files.

To add tags to files you have to use the Windows Explorer context menu and then select the files or folders, click right-click them and choose "Manage Tags" menu. Then you can easily choose the tag from existing tags or add a new by "Add new tag here."

Furthermore, the app won't prevent your files to be renamed, moved or deleted as it tracks changes in the file system and it will update the local database respectively.

System requirements

Limitations in the unregistered versionLimited to 70 tags.