TagSmart is an intuitive piece of software that enables you to edit tags for MP3 audio tracks. It features a familiar interface that permits users to seamlessly navigate directories and locate MP3s.

The installation procedure is rapid and uneventful. The main app window comprises an Explorer-based folder structure for easy navigation, displaying all MP3 tracks included in a selected directory.

Shown information reveals the title, artist, album, year, comment, genre, track number, composer, copyright details, web links, encoder, and full path for each entry. Any of these fields can be altered.

Apart from manually editing each field, TagSmart implements a function that allows users to create entire field lists which can be applied to tracks with the click of a button. Some presets are available as well, such as track order or count, or tags synchronization. The new changes can be applied to both tag versions, depending on the user's preferences.

In addition, it is possible to extract info from version 1 or version 2 tag fields, by parsing a file or folder name, or from the opposite tag version. Tracks can be played in the default application, deleted, renamed, as well as exported to M3U playlists or CSV files, while their location can be opened in Explorer.

TagSmart also lets users look up track information in an online database, use a wizard to sort files by various criteria, burn tracks to an Audio CD, enable recursive searching, and so on.

The tool applies the new changes to the MP3 tracks effortlessly, without hanging, crashing or popping up errors. However, some of the options did not work during our evaluation. For example, TagSmart failed in its attempt to play files in the default app, and to look up any strings on the online database. Moreover, it may take a while to load a list of MP3s, depending on their amount.

Nevertheless, TagSmart serves its main purpose: editing tags. Its predefined fields and the fact that it makes room for creating new ones significantly simplify users' task.