Sometimes, for secure reasons, you need to protect your files so they can’t be accessed by unauthorized users. Whether you are working with confidential data or simply want to encrypt personal files or decrypt the protected ones, Taksh Data Encryptor comes in handy when you need to perform such actions.

The application comes with a simple and intuitive interface that displays two main buttons. By accessing the ‘Lock’ button you have the possibility to navigate to the file you are interested in, set a strong password, then quickly lock the current document. After that, the application saves your file in the exact destination folder where the original one is located.

When you need to access the encrypted document, you just simply need to hit the ‘Unlock’ button from the main window. This way, you can select the secured file, add the password then quickly store it to its original form.

Because of the encryption algorithm that Taksh Data Encryptor comes with, you can rest assured that your important and confidential documents are protected and no unauthorized user is able to access them. It helps you to quickly encrypt and decrypt your files without altering the original content, thus maintaining the same format and quality.

For a better protection, you can choose to delete the source file from your system, so each time you encode a document, the unprotected one will be deleted.

All things considered, Taksh Data Encryptor is a reliable and effective software solution when it comes to encrypting or decrypting important documents.