No matter if you are chatting with buddies during a game or having a conference call with your employers, you might occasionally  need to silence your microphone.

And Talk Toggle offers you the possibility to assign a hotkey to quickly mute your mic, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

The only way to enjoy the benefits of Talk Toggle is to login to Microsoft Store and download the application to your computer. You also need to make sure you have the latest OS updates installed to your computer.

There is hardly any user input required during installation, so you should have the application up and running within seconds.

The GUI of Talk Toggle is both minimalist, and user-friendly, as all its functions are neatly shown right within its main window.

You need to start by selecting the hotkey you want to use for muting and unmuting your mic. Since it is assigned by you, you can easily select some key combination that is not only comfortable to press, but that is not currently in use by other apps.

After you choose the device you are interested in, the next step is to specify which of the available input mode suits you best.

Talk Toggle offers you the possibility to mute or unmute the microphone when the user-defined hotkey is pressed, or you can simply toggle the mic state with every hotkey press.

You can also enable sounds or notifications, so you get informed if you accidentally press the hotkey. Setting the app to run at Windows startup can help you make sure that you can silence your mic without effort every time you need to.

Talk Toggle is a handy software solution that can help quickly and easily mute or unmute your microphone, by simply pressing a chosen hotkey or hotkey combination.