While emails could lead you to write letter-length replies and video calls can sometimes be challenging to schedule due to time zones or other reasons, communicating in real-time entails typing a small message that you are more likely to get an answer to faster.

talkSpirit is a piece of software developed to improve team communication by enabling you to create groups where you can share files and documents, leave messages, schedule events and chat with your colleagues in real time.

First off, you should know that you need to create an account in and configure it in order to use the service. Then again, the registration only takes a few seconds and you can proceed to set your groups and invite users.

The program comes with a stylish and modern interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate, so you are unlike to encounter any difficulties in sending messages, sharing files or chatting with other users. You should know that the app does not pose restrictions to the types of files you can send and, since you can make the groups private and invisible, you can send and receive protected files as well.

It is important to note that the utility supports the integration of most known communication apps, storage services and social networks. Therefore, you and your team can just as well use Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress, RSS, Pipedrive or LinkedIn accounts to connect and share ideas and documents.

In fact, you can integrate your favorite communication or file sharing services to receive notifications of the activities or get updates with the latest posts and comments in any of your group. It goes without saying that sharing files while connected to services such as Google Drive becomes a lot smoother.

All in all, talkSpirit enables you to keep in touch and share documents without too much hassle and could come in handy in maintaining a good communication flow within a team.