The gaming business is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and a lot of opportunities and careers arise with its growth as well.

From game developers, producers, artwork creators, sound designers, motion capture actors, all the way to writers and many others, all are needed in a gaming studio to be certain that the game they are working on will be of great quality.

In case you are considering pursuing a career in this field, or you are already part of a development team but want to practice your writing skills, create quests or improve your dialogue planning craft, TalkTree can help you a bit with all of that.

Even more, if you like to write dialogues for more story-driven games, RPGs, or any other genre that can make use of complex dialog trees, while using a simple application, with a comfortable interface, plain features and with an easy to understand flowchart design, the TalkTree dialogue editor will be more than you can ask, for both writing and implementing your interesting thought conversations.

TalkTree gives its users the possibility to use skill checks for their created dialogues and also triggers that can blend the player stats into the speech process, modifying values of the player or the NPC, such as increasing or decreasing reputation based on a dialogue option the player will choose.

All this is possible while allowing the users to create believable and dynamic heroes and characters from their game's story, that can develop through intricate dialogue options, which in exchange will help to immerse its players in the story they will be part of.

As a standalone dialogue editor, TalkTree is a capable and very user-friendly program that can bring your writings to life through dialogues trees, with choices that can offer something more than just a text in a box.