Team collaboration is of critical importance in the success rates of any project, and that’s why being thoroughly informed as to each member’s resources and responsibilities should be a priority.

Taskade is a piece of software that could help you in this regard since it allows you to create checklists you can subsequently share with your colleagues or friends so that you can effortlessly keep an eye on the progress you have made so far or simply assign tasks.

Once the desktop app is up and running, you should see an uncluttered if not stylish user interface that lets you select the theme that pleases your eye the most.

Right in the main window, you need to start by indicating the type of content you want to store. You can thus create a checklist, outline, notes, or turn to a template such as Weekly Tasks, Meeting Notes, Brainstorming, Team Review, and more.

Regardless of your option, you should know that an eye-catching built-in text editor is there to help you change your text or highlight color, use italics or bold, as well as modify the indentation.

It is important to point out that your text is automatically saved to your user’s group, and inviting collaborators who can view, edit, or even delete content is possible either via email or by sharing a URL. Note that all modifications can be applied in real time, which once again proves the application’s focus on productivity.

On an ending note, Taskade is compact Windows program oriented towards creating and sharing notes and lists in the blink of an eye. It is easy to figure out, and the fact that allows other members of your team to have a say in your project in real time is further reason to at least take it for a spin.

If, however, you think you would rather enjoy the capabilities of such a software utility within the browser, here are the Taskade's Chrome and Firefox counterparts.

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