When you frequently need to complete several tasks, remember events or meet deadlines, you can surely turn to a specialized planner to take out the hassle of organizing, such as TaskAngel.

The application comes with a straightforward GUI that makes it simple even for PC beginners to make the most of it. You can start by creating a new entry and tinkering with the options.

Namely, you can assign the title and the priority level to your new task, then enter the start and end dates (you can specify the time too). You can also enter or paste some text detailing the current event, or you can make it a recurrent event.

Once you have created numerous entries, you might find it handy to sort them using filters, such as tags, goals and contexts. Basically, you create a list with the filters you are interested in, then assign them to your tasks as you create them.

Alternatively, you can star the most important tasks so they are more visible.

When looking for a specific entry, you can either type its title, or you can browse through the available filters.

A nifty function of TaskAngel is that you can define keyboard combinations for launching the app, but also to easily add a new task, without needing to bring up the main window first.

It would be helpful to have several sample tasks to experiment with before actually creating your own, so as to fully understand the terminology and make sure your tasks meet your necessities.

The fact that you can synchronize your tasks with Toodledo is definitely an upside, since you can access the data from your mobile devices as well.

Overall, TaskAngel can help you increase productivity by helping your get a clearer perspective over your tasks and events.