No matter how much work Microsoft's teams put into the design and functionality of their OS flavors, there will always be people looking to tweak them even more.

TaskbarEffectLT is one of the apps created specifically for the type of users who are looking to get even more from their taskbar.

Before you get the possibility to tamper with the appearance of your taskbar, you need to login into Microsoft Store using your credentials.

As soon as you run the application, your taskbar's color is automatically replaced to a different shade, and it gradually gets modified to other variations. The transition is smooth and discrete, and it is bound to make your screen look beautiful without any effort on your side, especially if you set it to run at Windows startup.

At this point, regardless of your skill level, you can simply experiment with the range of available colors, depending on your preferences. You can rely on the integrated palette and select the color you like best, or you can type or paste the HEX code to make sure you get exactly the hue you are interested in.

Furthermore, if you are feeling adventurous, you can even randomize all values and get a surprise every time you launch TaskbarEffectLT.

In a nutshell, TaskbarEffectLT can make your computer look sophisticated without any hassle or wasted time from you, even if you have little to not technical skills.

On the downside, the constant change in your taskbar's color might be a little bit distracting when you are focused on an important project, since there is no way to schedule it to start working only outside office hours, for example. Instead, you can disable its functions using the integrated button and turn it on again when you are ready to relax and admire some nice colors.