When working on a laptop, you get portability above all, yet you constantly need to keep an eye on the battery level, lest it gets depleted when you are right in the middle of a task.

TaskbarUtils can help you, by adding a new icon to the system tray to show you the battery level at all times.

Once you install it, TaskbarUtils sits quietly in the system tray, meaning that the taskbar will not get crowded on its account.

Unfortunately, it does not notify you in any way if the battery level drops under a certain level, so you just need to check it on a regular basis, and view the battery level.

The main function of TaskbarUtils is to provide you with a large database of icons that you can replace the default one with. You only need to access the Settings window, then click on each icon to preview its appearance in the system tray.

After you found the one that matches your desktop theme or simply the one you like best, you can keep it as the standard one.

Another handy feature of TaskbarUtils is that double-clicking the system tray icon automatically opens the Power Options panel of the operating system. Thus, you can easily switch to a power saving plan if your battery levels get too low.

All in all, TaskbarUtils can bring a pop of color to your system tray, while also showing you the exact battery level when you hover your mouse over it. It does not include any warnings when the battery gets low, but it will blend smoothly with your entire desktop look since it supports light and dark themes.