For those who use their workstation on a regular basis, including multiple applications open at once, it can be prudent to track the total application usage. TaskCanvas is a program that allows users to track the various application usage on a system via graph system, as well provide additional supporting resources.

Since the majority of TaskCanvas' function involves it accurately displaying a large amount of information, it is important that the information and interface in general is well designed. Fortunately, the layout of TaskCanvas is well done, with a clear graph system and a large enough icon standard that displays each aspect clearly.

TaskCanvas displays the programs down the left hand side of the window, and the current time along the top of the application, allowing users to accurately track the computer usage. The interface is context sensitive, so if users mouse over a particular area of the graph, more detail is displayed.

TaskCanvas doesn't provide an overly robust options menu, nor are the graphs and reports especially detailed, but there is enough customization and different options to make it worthwhile. While more options and more details would be better, TaskCanvas doesn't suffer due to a lack of necessary options.

A bigger issue is with the main interface and navigating it, it doesn't respond intuitively and users wanting to zoom in or adjust the display in some way will have difficulty. If users want to drag the graph for instance to display a different part, it's not possible. A more intuitive main window would bolster the applications functionality.

TaskCanvas does a very good job of tracking the application usage of a particular system. The interface is clear and while it could be a bit easier to use in places, it remains simple to navigate and communicates the information clearly. In short, TaskCanvas is a worthwhile, well made program that provides a useful service.