TDMore DVD to AVI Converter is a user-friendly and intuitive piece of software whose main purpose resides in offering you the ability to copy the movies from your DVD collection to your computer, to AVI format, enabling you to watch them whenever you want, without having to constantly use discs.

The application presents a very simple and accessible appearance, being aimed at inexperienced individuals, yet managing to satisfy the needs of more demanding ones as well.

The main window of TDMore DVD to AVI Converter lets you load the disc you intend to work with, a preview of its contents being displayed in a thumbnail image, while the integrated player allows you to view it in full.

Aside from actual DVDs, the program also supports image files in ISO, INI, IMG or NRG formats, as well as folders. Once you have loaded your disc or source image, you can begin configuring the output preferences.

As such, you can pick which chapters of your DVD to copy, being able to skip certain ones; you can also pick the subtitle to use, if several are available, while from the ‘Video Quality’ menu, you can opt between ‘Standard’, ‘Fast Speed’ or ‘High Quality’.

TDMore DVD to AVI Converter indicates the total file size in MB and lets you define the output path for the generated video, after which you can press the ‘Start’ button to begin the operation. Optionally, you can schedule the computer the shutdown or hibernate, once the task is complete.

All in all, TDMore DVD to AVI Converter proves to be a straightforward and useful disc copying instrument that can successfully assist you in turning the movies from your DVDs to AVI files, which you can watch whenever and however you want. It spares you of having to handle easily-damageable discs and enables you to share your videos with others, through online means.