Delay is one of the most commonly used effects in music production. Even though the basic function is easy to understand and notice, more complex uses of the audio effect can alter your sound significantly. Of course, this all depends on the capabilities of the virtual delay unit you employ. While any digital audio workstation you use will have its own delay, you may need a more advanced dedicated plugin if you wish to maximize your creativity when using the effect.

One plugin that could be of use during this process is Tekturon, a piece of software that basically allows you to use delay like you would a step sequencer. The “steps” are actually 16 independent delay lines, which can be activated or deactivated with just one click or press of a button (if you’re using a MIDI controller). From the intuitive interface, you can change many parameters for each line, such as volume, feedback, pan, spread, filter type, and cutoff. The filters can also be controlled simultaneously from the Master Filter section.

Tekturion also comes with many different presets that showcase its capabilities. Browsing for presets is made easy by the various filters; these include four “Type” categories (Echo, Reverb, Spatialize, and Wave Shaper) and four “Decay” categories (Long, Medium, No Decay, and Short).