Telist Lite is a simple to use application which allows you to create a contact book in which to store all the addresses, email, birthdays of important people. The application enables you to view all the entries by the person’s name in the single list and search for them by their names or companies.

Telist Lite is a useful storage space for contact sheets, which allows you to add a multitude of details for each person. Moreover, the software can store all the entries in one list and display their complete profile when you select them. Adding or modifying a contact’s details can easily be done from the manager window, which opens separately.

Each contact can be assigned to a specific category based on the type of acquaintance: work colleagues, customers, family, friends, suppliers or others. While dividing the contacts by category allows you to quickly identify a particular person, it is not supported as searching or filtering criteria.

Aside from name, addresses, email and phone numbers, each contact profile sheet may contain Skype ID, birthdate, individual notes and pictures. You can add only one picture per contact and preview it in full screen once you added the contact to the database.

Additionally, if you provide data such as email addresses, websites or instant messengers IDs, you can easily prompt the designated program and send a message to the selected contact. For example, you may click the Send Mail button and watch as the program prompts the local email client and automatically fills in the recipients address.

Telist Lite encourages you to enter each contact’s birthdate, so it can create reminders for those days. You can view the upcoming birthdays for a specified number of days and receive reminders, so you can send kind regards to a person on their birthday. Similarly, you can enter anniversary dates or other important moments you wish to be reminded of.