OCR, Optical Character Recognition, is the sort of technology you don't know much or care much about until you actually need it.

However, when you quickly need to grab text (and convert it into machine-readable data) from images, scanned documents, or even photos and videos, then OCR becomes a lifesaver.

Thankfully, there are a lot of good OCR solutions out there, most of them coming in the form of online tools. However, what if you want a solid OCR tool built specifically for Windows 10 and is 100% offline?

In that case, you will love Text Grab.

After first installing the app, you might notice that Text Grab is nowhere to be seen. Fear not, as this is intentional.

Text Grab was designed to be as unobtrusive and as efficient as possible (both in terms of how it works and resource consumption). In short, Text Grab does not work in the background, and you'll only see it being active when you actually want to capture text.

So, here's how you use it. First off, make sure you pin Text Grab to the Windows Taskbar for better reach. When you want to capture a text, simply click the icon, and select the region with the text using the "select tool."

Open any text editor (or whatever app you want to paste the text into), and copy it there using either the mouse or the CTRL+V keyboard combination, and that's pretty much it.

Text Grab is a fantastic little OCR tool designed specifically for Windows 10 that doesn't get in your way while working and capable of grabbing text from pictures, PDFs, app GUIs, videos, websites, and so forth.

It might seem a bit strange at first, given that it doesn't have a GUI per-se, but it works great.