If you've figured out that you need some quick voice support for your project/presentation, but you lack a microphone or you just don't have the time to record, there might be a quick way out of a pickle like that. Text to Speech Converter for Google can be used to quickly convert text to voice, creating audio files that may be attached to various projects.

TXT is the only format you can throw in and expect a conversion. Rich text documents or DOC are not supported, and this can be verified when you open a location with multiple text files, as anything except TXT is invisible. 

For more advanced users, however, there is an SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) function. In case you are developing software that will incorporate voice, you can give it a shot. 

By default, the app offers a voice model similar to the one used by Google Translate. If that voice is not what you're looking for, click on Edit Voice and play around with the provided tools.

From inside the editing menu, you can adjust the talking speed, the pitch, and the volume. Use the sliders to quickly modify the voice's behavior and save it as a new entry in the voice selection tab. Furthermore, if your native language is something other than English, there are great chances that you will find the one you need in the dedicated combo menu.

If you look under where your account is displayed, you'll notice some information about a number of available points. The points pool seems to be a credit system, and every time you execute a conversion, the number of points will go down. Also, for each file you upload, you can see how many points are required for that particular conversion, so you'll always know when you need to get some more.

In conclusion, Text to Speech Converter for Google is a simple solution for creating audio files with spoken content. It also offers decent voice customization methods, as the old, robotic Google voice model can get annoying at times. Overall, if you intend to use it or simple conversions or you only require the SSML feature, you won't have any issues operating this app.