TextFile Viewer is a reliable text searching tool that enables you to open several types of log or trace files, as well as plain documents. The software can handle even large files and allows you to search for any kind of word combination or data selection. You can find all the occurrences of the selected data within the file.

TextFile Viewer is easy to use and capable of opening even large documents rich in contents. The supported files are log/trace (.LOG, .TRC, .ACT) as well as text documents in many formats. In fact, the software can easily open any type of file and view the data stored by it in text mode.

While you cannot edit the content of the loaded files, you can easily select entire rows or a string of characters between two blank spaces, by double clicking on it. Selecting the ‘Find next’ option can reveal the next occurrence of the chosen character string, within the document. Similarly, if your string is at the end of the file, you can choose the search from the beginning.

The software allows you to add preset filters to your search, using the logical connectors, AND, OR and NOT. There are several methods of filtering a text in TextFile Viewer, that you can use alternatively.

Thus, you may choose Block or Hide, which cause the the text that does not match the query to hide. The Blur mode causes the unmatched text to be blurred in the overview. A separate list window displays all the filters that you created, the piece of text that you selected and the logical connector used.

With its comprehensive searching options, TextFile Viewer allows you to find any kind of word association within a file. It can easily open log and trace files, but it supports all other formats and opens them in text mode. Moreover, all the selected words/strings that were used as search subjects can be viewed in the drop-down menu at the top of the software’s window.