TextTak is a network popup message application designed for those occasions when you need to alert a colleague quickly and almost instantly, but don't require the formality and complexity of multi-directory sent and received message storage, as typically found in email applications.

For example, it is ideal for when you try to call someone on an internal phone and they are away from their desk or busy with a client, or for those, "so-and-so called to ask when would you be available" messages.

On receipt of a message, the TextTak message window appears on top of running applications making it hard to ignore.

TextTak will allow you to message anyone in your Domain or WorkGroup who is also running TextTak.

Here are some key features of "TextTak":

■ Quick message facility

■ Place a sticky note on a colleague's desktop

■ Notes stay on top so they cannot be ignored

■ Select the recipient from a list of those in the same network domain or workgroup

■ No more rummaging for pens and paper when the phone rings for a colleague who is not at their desk

■ Send messages to colleagues who are not on email or who don't leave their mail application running

■ Save time and effort walking round to other's desks to leave urgent notes

■ Maintain an audit log of notes sent and received

■ The messages can be Printed, Saved or Copied Create a friendly name so that colleagues can recognize you in their recipient list

■ Easily send a reply to a message


■ 30 days trial