TPhotoDownloader can easily grab entire photo albums from Flickr and save images you like on the hard disk, so as to create a locally stored collection.

Thanks to the user-friendly, well-organized interface, using this application shouldn't pose difficulties to any user. You start by creating a new project, assigning it a name, choosing the download location and the complete URL of the album. Projects are saved locally, which enables you to re-load them at a later time to repeat the task.

Images can be filtered by size and type (thumbnails, square, small, medium or large pictures) and you can specify the photo stream page range.

The project summary can be reviewed within the main window and you can edit it in case you want to change its configuration.

The application starts grabbing the images one by one, enabling you to monitor its progress in real time. Thus, you can view the number of processed and downloaded pictures, the page progress, the failed attempts, as well as the current download speed. During our testing, the speed did not exceed 110 KB per second.

Once the task is complete, it displays a small notification window and you can view a list of all the grabbed images. The application features preview functionality, which means that you can take a look at how each picture looks like from within the main GUI.

TPhotoDownloader is a multi-threaded image downloader that enables you to grab images from Flickr. Since it allows simultaneous downloads, it can reach higher download speeds, enabling you to build up your album in just a few minutes.