Farms and livestock remind us of our grandparent's place where we used to ride the horse, feed the chickens and watch the cute piglets roll in the mud.

Thanksgiving 3D Screensaver is a desktop enhancement tool that has a misleading name, but charms you in certain ways.

While the app does not depict any Thanksgiving scenarios, it does show you a whole lot of turkeys. They stroll around on a farm gobbling, eating and walking around aimlessly.

Of course, you have other residents on the farm, such as the horse. Other animals can only be heard if you pay close attention.

The graphics aren't realistic at all and are even a bit blocky with textures that are pixelated. However, that gives the app an overall early 2000s' game feel, so it will surely attract the most nostalgic of you.

The typical farm atmosphere is also maintained with the use of sound and banjo music, making you feel like you are in the back of Uncle Sam's backyard.

Due to the dated nature of the screensaver's graphics, it runs perfectly on pretty much any modern system, and will most likely run smoothly even on older systems. However, if you do somehow manage to find issues when running this app, such as FPS drops, you can adjust several features from the screensaver manager.

For example, you can enable or disable the music and SFX, add an FPS counter, show the time, and choose whether to do it in 12h or 24h formats.

Thanksgiving 3D Screensaver impresses with cartoonish graphics and smooth performance, making it tailored towards those running older PC systems, as those using high-end hardware may find these aspects as a turn-off.