As you store more and more multimedia files on your PC, you may find it impossible to keep them organized, especially if they are obtained from multiple sources and saved to a wide range of formats.

The Archivist is a useful software solution designed to provide you with a solution to this issue. It enables you to find movie and album covers, edit metadata, convert media to various formats and search for files.

The Archivist, as its name suggests, can help you organize your media collection, and it provides you with numerous tools for this purpose.

Unfortunately, however, first-time users may find the application to be rather difficult to work with, and the lack of documentation certainly does not help.

Those who prefer their collections to be neat and tidy are likely to appreciate the built-in image searching tool. It enables you to find movie posters and album covers, and it is possible to add them to multiple media files at once.

Additionally, The Archivist can help you convert videos and songs to a broad range of formats, and it offers support for batch processing.

Lastly, the program includes a powerful search function that allows you to create a comprehensive database, so that you can find the files you need at a moment’s notice in the future.

The Archivist features a rather outdated interface that may not be to every user’s liking, although there are numerous skins to choose from.

Sadly, the application is not as responsive as we would have liked, which is something users with older computers should take into consideration.

Overall, The Archivist is a feature-packed program specially designed to help you manage your movie and song collections. It includes multiple useful tools, but it is not very novice-friendly and features a somewhat disappointing interface.