The Backup is a useful and excellent backup tool that is very easy and quick to use. As you are working on something, right-click on the article you are working on and in the "Send To" entries click on "Send a copy to Backup." Whenever you repeat this simple backup procedure, for this same article, the copy in the Backup folder will be updated. The Backup is Freeware with no splash screen, no spyware, no spam, ad-ware, or advertisements.

"The Backup" is a by-product of another feature Titlebar Software was developing. The idea came up and we had the little program working in about 30 minutes. It is not really an application though. It is simply a setup file that installs 1 folder, a shortcut to that folder, and 2 files. These two files, a Readme and a EULA, located in the 'Backup' folder can be deleted. There is not a program files folder or an executive file. "The Backup" essentially does two things. It creates a folder named "Backup" and it creates a shortcut to that folder in your context menu's "Send To" list.

Use "The Backup" for storage, closet space, and backups. Put files in it you want to take care of but keep out of sight. Put junk in it that you are just not quite ready to throw away. Use it to get some of the clutter out of your "Briefcase" or "My Documents". If you like, you can create a "New Briefcase" in your Backup folder. Put anything you want in the Backup folder. "The Backup" is not meant to be used as a method of security. It is meant to be used for storage. To open your Backup folder, locate it in your "My Documents" folder and open it like you would any other folder.


■ .NET Framework 1.1