The Daily Project is a comprehensive yet surprisingly user-friendly piece of software that aims to offer you a perfect blend of project-based and category based task management, as well as typical to-do manager tools, all without compromising user-accessibility.

To get it up and running on your computer, you need to undergo a streamlined installation process and create an official account, if you don't already have one. It's worth pointing out that the application is not available just for Windows, but for macOS and Linux, as well.

Once logged in, you are greeted by a Help menu which bundles lots of useful information and comprehensive video tutorials that should smooth out the learning curve quite a bit.

There are three main sections, all of which are readily accessible from the top bar, namely, the Home Dashboard, Projects, and Categories. It becomes quite evident that the graphical user interface is geared more towards functionality rather than looks alone.

Start off by creating projects and pillars, as well as by defining a few categories, and you're inevitably bound to get face to face with the app's repertoire of useful sub-features.

For example, you can thoroughly track any project via precise stopwatches, you can set up recurring or sequential tasks, add notes to emphasize various project points, keep track of all the workings via simple progress bars, make use of various tags, colors, and efficient filters to organize everything, as well as gain a general view of your projects or pillars via useful charts.

Since this is a productivity-oriented app, you might be glad to hear that the typical aspects of improving your workflow have not been overlooked. You can find almost any project element by making use of the app's well-designed search function, and swiftly and conveniently navigate with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

The Daily Project is the type of app that might strike you as being a bit too complicated, but considering just how much it delivers, it's rather user-friendly. Of course, it does require a bit of getting used to, but the hefty Help section with video and step by step tutorials should help with that.

All in all, even though it's clearly aimed at novices, freelancers, or individuals running small to medium project teams, The Daily Project is an efficient and surprisingly capable productivity-orientated piece of software. It's not exactly an enterprise-level tool but it that should be able to deliver what most users expect from fairly well equipped To-Do and Task managers, without ever feeling intimidating or cumbersome.