The Magic Fireplace Screensaver will help you enhance your desktop appearance by displaying a burning fireplace when your computer is idle.

The Magic Fireplace shows a film about a huge Fireplace located in the North East of Germany. We have filmed this great Fireplace in an old Castle. The Fireplace will be shown all over the Computer Screen or TV-Screen.

That creates the Illusion that your TV is the Fireplace. In background you can hear the crackle of the burning wood, and a Storm. This severe storm is outside the building. But you can hear the howling through the old walls of the old castle.

Experience that great feeling to be in an Old Castle at an fantastic fireplace, while outside a strong storm is howling. Lovely hours for two. Play "The Magic Fireplace" movie in the background, your guests will have a enjoyable feeling.

This great atmosphere will inspire everybody to interesting talks. A magnificent evening. Enjoy "The Magic Fireplace" alone with a good book. There are many possibilities. This Film will be a great experience.