The Vampire Diaries Screensaver is a simple program designed to display a slideshow with photos from your favorite TV series. The application offers a collection of movie stills, posters and promotional pictures, accompanied by a clock and a calendar. Moreover, it can play the audio theme from The Vampire Diaries while the screensaver is active.

The Vampire Diaries Screensaver is a useful application that you can use in order to protect your computer, when you are away from it. The software can easily be installed and it automatically activates, when the computer is idle for more than a few minutes. The duration of computer inactivity can be set from the Control Panel.

Other settings, such as the order of the pictures, the transitions or image resizing are specific to The Vampire Diaries Screensaver. Thus, you may set the duration of each slide’s display on the screen, as well as change the order of the images: sequential, random or shuffle. The images can be resized in order to fit the length or width of the screen or displayed without modification, depending on your option.

The software offers a large series of animated transition effects which can randomly be applied to the slideshow pictures. You may set the transition speed and the animation effect that you wish to apply to each image. A preview of the transition effect is available.

The slideshow is also accompanied by a soundtrack, the theme song of The Vampire Diaries, played in a loop. You may mute the sounds or create your own playlist, thanks to the integrated option. You can also set the slideshow exit options: at a mouse movement, mouse click, keyboard button or Esc button. At least one of these options must be activated.

The Vampire Diaries Screensaver is dedicated to the fans of the TV series and not only. It is a reliable screensaver that brings a slideshow of movie pictures, posters, with transition effects, soundtrack and additional clock or calendar functions. The clock and calendar relay the system time and date. You may easily hide them if you do not want them displayed along with the screensaver.