What happens when you urgently need an e-mail address you know you have in one of your PDF documents, for example, but don't really want to sift through each and every last virtual page to find out what you're looking for? Theos extractor happens, an application that was simply designed to extract e-mail addresses from various types of sources, succeeding in being very efficient and not wasting any of your time in the process.

Right, so when you first open the application, you might have a shock like I did, because the program does not really look like something special. In fact, the interface seems a tad old and uninspired. Still, this app works as it was designed. The whole system is easy to follow and involves the user finding a valid source for extracting e-mail addresses.

One can easily add links, a mailbox, or many types of files, including, DOC, PDF, CSV, and so on. What I found most interesting is how well separated each type of source really is. In addition, the program seems to allow the extraction from multiple sources at one time. Even links can be imported, if these are stored outside the application itself.

If you want to add a proxy or filters, you'll have to deal with these options in the application's settings menu. Here things remain clearly labeled as in the rest of the program's windows. There really is no room for confusion and even if you are a beginner in the e-mail-extracting business, you should be able to grasp the idea quite quickly.

Theos extractor is an efficient application that can contribute to a quick and easy e-mail address recovery, no matter the type of extraction source you throw at it. If facing a crisis that requires one to find and e-mail address quickly, this is one viable solution.