The PhoneBOT is an application that turns your computer, by using you dialup modem, into an answering machine for your home or office telephone line.

Since your computer is connected to the internet, ThePhoneBOT can send you a variety of notifications the instant a new call is received. ThePhoneBOT will email or instant message the caller information to a secondary PC or mobile phone so you will never miss a call again! The PhoneBOT also features the revolutionary PhoneBOT Remote Client application. This free add-on allows you to see incoming call notifications and provides real-time call screening over any LAN or WAN ip address! You actually hear people leaving you a voicemail while they are leaving it... it's amazing!

First, when the phone rings, PhoneBOT will alert you by verbally announcing who is calling using callerID and windows speech technology. A custom "skinable" window appears detailing the callerID info as well as any image you have associated with that caller. (ie, a picture of mom when she calls will appear)

Also with CallerID, a custom greeting can be played for the caller. So when co workers call they hear one greeting and when friends call they hear another. This can be a lot of fun to play with!

After recording the message PhoneBOT will email or text message your cel phone with a new call message including call length, name and number.

You can even do a reverse lookup with a click of the mouse and see a mapquest style map of where the call is coming from! amazing!

To retrieve your new voice message you can call and enter a pin, or simply type your IP address in any web browser and stream your voicemail over the internet!!! All you need is a broadband connection at home.

The PhoneBot also features downloadable UI skins and screensavers displaying answering machine status.

Here are some key features of "ThePhoneBOT":

■ PC Answering Machine

■ PhoneBOT Remote Client

■ Check Voicemail Online

■ Skinnable Interface

■ Email Your Mobile Phone

■ Trillian Pro Plug-In

■ Custom PhoneBook

■ Compatible Modems

■ SmartPhone Integration


■ You can only define one custom ring and one custom greeting.

■ The maximum message record lenght is 20 seconds.

■ You can view (but not download) messages over the internet.

■ You can't customize a phonebook entry.