In few words, ThePrettyABC is wonderful tool for kids between 4-6 years, ThePrettyABC learns Alphabet letters, its pronounce, and your kid can play with lovely 3d models and Interactive with them, beside that, all 3d models in ThePrettyABC animate with wonderful sounds

ThePrettyABC has two parts:

■ Learn Me ABC

This tool has ability to learn your kid alphabet letters with wonderful way by 3d models, there is a baby butterfly will guide you and learn you the basics of the software, every letter has 3 examples, every example has a 3d model animate and your kid can interactive with it.

■ Test Mode

After your kid learn ABC, sure you want test him, here you can find good tool, this part of software has many exercises wich can testify your kid with easy way, your kid can also write any word by few clicks and can check his answer.


The full version contains:

■ full letters tour and unlock letters k to z

■ 78 woanderful 3D models

■ 78 exercises screens